A nice link dump of everything Tom Waits

A nice link dump of everything Tom WaitsLinks to Tom Waits resources on the net.

– Anti.com– Tom Waits current record label.
– Tom Waits Supplement– One of the most complete TW resources out there!
– East of Sunset – A very cool movie that uses Tom Waits covers for the entire soundtrack!
– Raindogs Listserv Arguably one of the oldest Tom Waits online fan groups out there.
– theexcuse.com/raindogs/ – Another very cool TW site.
– GeorgeDebose – A great photographer who has done several sessions with Tom Waits.
– BlueValentine – The home page to a Tom Waits cover band from Denmark.
– http://tom-waits.spb.ru/ – Another good Waits reference.
– TomWaitsQuotes-A great collections of quotes from interviews and songs.
– http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/7587/start.html – A cool TW site with some interesting artwork.
– GiantSquidAttacksA site with various things including a list of good Tom Waits links.

Tom Waits Art Links:

– Dorking Labs art
– Gnaps Art – if you change the url number at the end to 2 you get more Tom (all the way to 10)
– Everyday Scetch from Eugene Smith
– Scetch by Heidi Barack
– A very cool waits piece
– Pinturas Art
– Unknown artist
– John Fewings : Canadian Editorial Cartoonist
– Good scetch
– Narisa Blues art
– Another Narisa Blues work
– Melissa Jean Gibson
– Gein – Unknown artist
– Jeff Coxx
– Unkown artist – Stripwax Comix
– Another cool artist
– Phil Kunto