Toys Of Potatoes

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These images jumped out at me. What can I tell you, I’m Irish and I do like potatoes! They are the pages of a 1931 Soviet era schoolbook. I think that younger kids might find this fun even by today’s tricked out standards—although I doubt they’ll be packing a pen knife as per the instructions.
From Google Translate:



10 kopecks.  Ogis – YOUNG GUARD 1931.

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Google Translate:

Pick the right potatoes and wash them well. Cut and hollow them, as shown, with a penknife.

Make arms, legs, necks, tails from matches or from sticks. Twist a paper tube and make a samovar tap and a teapot nose out of it.

Stick potatoes with matches.

SCIENTIFIC PATH from Ne40 421 l. Peningrad will oblast with 71563. Circulation 50.000 Gos, Litku.

Mx Tomsky. Leningrad, st. Mira, 3

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