Two children baptised in big top

Two children baptised in big top
Honey’s godparents look on as the Rev Roly baptises her


Two children baptised in big top
The Rev Roly makes the sign of the cross on Poppy’s forehead

Two children baptised in big top

A ringmaster’s top hat doubled as a font when a circus troupe gathered inside a big top for the christening of two performers’ godchildren.

Honey Hunt, three, and her sister Poppy, 10 months old, were baptised inside Zippo’s Circus ring on Hove Lawns on the Sussex seafront.

The service was performed by the Rev Roly Bain, from Bristol, who is a clown – and a Church of England priest.

“It was fantastic, we enjoyed it so much,” said parents Clive and Jo Hunt.

The children’s godparents are Mr Hunt’s sister, Becki, a dancer in the circus, who is married to clown Henri Alaya.

Travelling the world

Mrs Hunt said the family travelled to see the circus whenever they could.

“But they are always working and it is difficult for them to come to us so we thought we would come to them,” she said.

Mr Bain, who is usually known as the Reverend Roly, has spent 16 years travelling the world spreading the Christian message through his work as a clown and a wirewalker.

He has recently been in Australia with the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.

“All my clowning has some sort of Christian content – and this sort of thing is brilliant,” he said.

He added that the big top was just as appropriate a place for a baptism as a church building.

“It is where the people of God are gathered and it is where these particular people of God live,” he said.

“And with them all in costume it makes a wonderful event of it.”

Honey said she would like to be in the circus when she grew up, but Mr Hunt said he would rather his daughters became doctors.

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