Video Mapping Tower Clock in Prague

Mapping during 600 year anniversary of the astrological tower clock situated at the Old Town Square in center of Prague

The Macula project explores the relationship between image, sound and viewer. It fights the established limits and pushes the boundaries in search of alternative approaches. A suggestive play of light on a physical object creates a new dimension and changes the perception of a seemingly ordinary object. The goal is to achieve perfect symbiosis and satisfy audio-visual nihilism.

Everything becomes an illusion.

Concept and animations by Amar Mulabegović and Dan Gregor
Coworking animators: Michal Kotek, Lukáš Duběda
Hudba / music: data-live
Foto & video / photos & video: Michal Ureš
Producer: Martin Posta
Teaser audio: Hecq -Typhon